I am a pursuer of large Abstract Canvas Art

I am a pursuer of large Abstract Canvas Art.China’s examination-oriented education affects countless generations of students, most of whom are chasing not knowledge, but scores and student status. Of course, I was one of the pursuers. But I know such a friend, as opposed to reality, dancing with freedom.
My friend is a drawing, but in Chinese art also did not escape the score of whipping. art college entrance examination music college entrance examination who is still one wall after another in front of you. Until I saw his private painting.
It was the first time he had heard of the concept of abstract oil painting, and the first time he had told me that he did not like the rules of the art college entrance examination, that he liked large abstract paintings and that he liked the free and easy feeling. It was a multicolored spiral-like image, and he said it was inspired by his spinning in the snow last winter to dizziness. but he felt that the white of winter was really white and powerless, so he rendered it in all kinds of hues. First, he reflected the actual situation-dizziness, and second, it is to express his extreme winter groans. There is a theme, but it also with layers of color coverage of the theme, this is abstract canvas art.

Abstract Flower Paintings, Red Abstract Painting
Abstract Flower Paintings, Red Abstract Painting

My friend, his own family conditions are superior, he has arranged everything for him since childhood. but as a child, his family found that A like to paint, so again arranged for him to learn painting. But this also cannot resist his yearning for freedom. His family has hired a drawing teacher since the first grade to train him.
It was about in the third grade, he began to get bored with such traditional painting. He felt that whatever his teacher taught and what he wanted to paint was missing a touch of flavor. At that time, he had not yet known what an large abstract painting was. Even Abstract Canvas Art are just basic contacts, because Abstract Canvas need to be toning, and he thinks it’s fun to continue to learn.
One day, he accidentally knocked over the palette, the whole painting was covered in the original abstract canvas the servant of his family came forward in time to clean up, but he suddenly burst into a daze, and then told the servant not to touch his painting, and he knocked over the palette, which just like a cat over the wall. The frog jumping out of the well is another world.

The Awakening Blue - Abstract Canvas Wall Art
The Awakening Blue – Abstract Canvas Wall Art

After several months, a large exhibition of paintings quietly spread out in the center of the gymnasium for a week on the theme of cultural construction. It was painted by some of the brothers and sisters of the university, and of course there are some of the so-called famous painters’ exhibition areas. Of course, he didn’t miss this large abstract canvas, he strolls through the entire painting exhibition for a long time, but he has been staying in one area. That was his enlightenment, and there were a few of them in the area of abstract paintings.
But it was deeply engraved in his heart, and to this day he also painted a scene about the first time he saw a Large Minimalist Canvas Art, which was named “first sight”. So the is the abstract canvas your “first sight”?

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