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The development of Large Abstract Painting Sale has not only experienced a long time in time but also unprecedented in the spread of space. The pioneers of Extra Large Abstract Art did not come from a country or a nation, but from people of all nationalities. Droney is French, Mondrian is Dutch, Kelly is Spanish of German origin, Mark is German, Milo is Spanish.

It can be seen that the formation and development of Great Big Canvas Art has the nature of the world from the beginning. Not only do all European nations care about it, but also they have won the favor of the United States and the Japanese. Especially in the recent development, due to the direct influence of Chinese landscape painting and calligraphy, some styles of canvas abstract art have been covered with strong oriental color. However, what kind of art is abstraction?

If we define this artistic style as a clear concept, according to its original meaning, that is , non-object or non-image painting. It means to give up all expression as object and image, to give up our representation of the world around us, plants and animals, and to human being, not only that, but also the imagination based on various objects should be abandoned. That is to say ,in painting, it totally rejects the fabrication of dragons, paradise of Eden, demons, angles and even gods. it is only the art of painting with pure form and color effect as its expression purpose.

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Abstract art canvas means that some of us have gradually entered abstraction from the various forms of nature and reached the concept of non-image. The so-called creation refers to other author who, in accordance with the concept of pure geometric order, only use the elements of circle, surface and line, which are usually called abstract elements, to achieve the purpose of non-image creation directly. But why do abstractionist artists abandon all forms of nature and create non-images by using the pure geometric means of circle, surface and line?

Only by clarifying this issue can we understand the true meaning of large abstract wall art. Abstract art has two main systems, the first and most important one, the theory from Cézanne and Shura. After the Cubism, in the First World War, it was represented by the geometric and constructivist movements developed in Russia and the Netherlands. The second system comes from Gauguin’s art and theory, from the Fauvism of Matisse to the abstract expressionism of Kandinsky before the Great War.

The former tendencies are rational, structural, architectural, geometric, and straight, based on rigorous theory. The latter’s tendency is the opposite. It is intuitive, perceptual, organic, physiological, and curvilinear. It is not so much a decoration. It emphasizes its mystery, spontaneity and irrationality. In this way, the characteristics of abstraction are not singular, and their manifestations are diverse. The original aesthetic theoretical basis of abstract art is the chapters they continually quoted from Plato’s ” Philebus .”

Pieter Mondrian of the Netherlands, one of the founders of large abstract painting canvas, seems to be engaged in abstract painting based on Plato’s aesthetic concept. He paints in a very simple geometric form, dividing the square vertically and horizontally to show the “balance of the universe and human’s binary elements”. Initially influenced by Picasso, he began to draw abstract paintings in 1910. Firstly, the picture is made up of vertical lines and horizontal lines, that is, there are many short horizontal and vertical lines on the picture, which are similar to the addition and subtraction symbols. Give people a sense of freshness, simplicity and infinite calm.

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Mondrian called this geometric form of abstract constructivism neutral. He said, ” The form that does not express personal feelings or personal thoughts is neutral. Only the extremely abstract geometric form is truly neutral. In terms of its compactness and simplicity of contour, it is superior to other neutral forms. As for this theory, he only used the simplest rectangle in the selection of “shape” and the simplest straight line in the use of online. Mondrian believed that “non-image art is a product of pure intuition rooted in the duality of subjectivity and objectivity.”

It is wrong to think of this artistic imagination as an unconscious expression of personal memory.” He also believes that art is a process of strengthening the beauty of the universe, not of enlarging it. The art of enlarging the beauty of the universe is just the repetition of nature. Although both abstractionism and surrealism, which appeared after Cubism, are against the natural reproduction of realism, all their manifestations are opposed to each other. Among surrealist painters, Darry, who is extremely figurative, believe that the art of the abstract creative is non-philosophical and fiercely attacks the ” morphological theory” of the abstraction.

In his book The “Conquest of the irrational”, he wrote: “My ambition for painting art lies in making all concrete and unreasonable images the most rigorous and refined materialization, and in achieving this materialization with the fineness of imagination. In other words, compared with the external world of real phenomena, this concrete and unreasonable world not only has no inferiority in objective proof, density and sustainability, but also has a strong persuasive, cognitive and communicative power. It is important to convey unreasonable and concrete themes.

All kinds of skills in painting are used for this theme. However, Mondrian, an abstractionist, firmly opposes the theme of painting. He wanted to exclude emotional factors to the greatest extent possible in order to achieve what he called the manifestation of the nature of the universe. He holds a completely different view from Dari. He said: “We must admit that surrealism is profound in its ideological and emotional expression. But that kind of profundity can only be confined to the scope of individualism, unable to achieve the fundamental manifestation of the universe.

The performance it achieves is nothing more than a dream, that is, the reconfiguration of life events. It can only stay in the realm of fantasy, and it is impossible to touch the true reality. Through the different composition of life events, although it can change the normal state, it cannot be purified. “Mundrian and Darry are the extreme representatives of these two artistic phenomena. Their mutual opposition shows the inevitable conflicts between image expression and non-image performance in the development of modern art. In the abstract canvas painting, Mondrian The artistic path is expressed in the form of non-objective, purely styling, and his creative intention is the binary unity of the individual and the universe.

Mondrian is trying to defend himself with the “evolution of shape”. As for his art, as one critics have said, it has the nature of “Puritan.” As the art of modern two-dimensional, he is only relying on the most simplistic method of straight line segmentation, primary color flat coating, and even cross-matching. I think that if Plato’s “ideal aesthetics” is explained literally, his art of extreme abstract wall art canvas can be considered as an example of being completely close to reality.

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