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  • what does abstract art mean

    The development of Large Abstract Painting Sale has not only experienced a long time in time but also unprecedented in the spread of space. The pioneers of Extra Large Abstract Art did not come from a country or a nation, but from people of all nationalities. Droney is French, Mondrian is Dutch, Kelly is Spanish […]

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  • Picasso, a famous oil painter

    Picasso, Spanish painter and sculptor. A member of the Communist Party of France. He is the founder of Large Modern Wall Art and the main representative of Western modernist painting. He is a Spaniard and has extraordinary artistic talent since childhood. His father is an art teacher. He has received strict training in Extra Large […]

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  • Abstract Oil Painting Art on the Background Wall of the Living Room

    Decorative picture books hanging on the white wall attract people’s attention. If the color and pattern of the painting are exaggerated a little more, then the effect will certainly be more brilliant. American leather sofa with light yellow fishing landing lamp, warm corners are instantly created, and then the Impressionist decorative paintings on the wall […]

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  • Investing in abstract oil painting

    In the history of art has a place in the market is bound to have value,this logic is certain.Therefore,as the highest stage of modern art,Large Abstract Canvas Art will sooner or later reflect its due value. In the history of art,there have been two revolutions in Extra Large Modern Painting since the Impressionist school.One is […]

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  • Andrews: does landscape painting bring us close or far from nature-big canvas art

    Big canvas art-Western landscape art: beginning Kenneth Clark (1903-1983),Extra Large Abstract Canvas Art an art historian, once said, “there is probably nothing that brings people together more than the pleasure of a beautiful scenery, except love. In Europe, this passion for nature dates back to at least classical times. Natural beauty is like art! HANDMADE […]

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  • What are the basic elements of oil painting?-big canvas art

    Big canvas art-Oil painting belongs to visual art. The most basic visual elements of oil painting include body,Great Big CanvasĀ  line, light and shade, texture, space and color. A successful oil painting depends on the painter’s comprehensive grasp and skillful use of the most basic visual elements of oil painting. The original oil painting is […]

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  • Multi-function sofa — brand introduction of multi-function sofa

    Multi-functional sofa – mesdale Beijing mesdale furniture co., LTD., an internationally famous brand,Big Canvas Art is one of the top ten multi-function sofa brands. Mesdale is a professional manufacturer of multi-function sofa bed which is engaged in the research, development, production and sales of functional sofa and bed. Multi-function sofa – chivas CHEERS China famous […]

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  • Mix build wind bedroom, also can so absorb eyeball!

    Speak of a bedroom, should provide a person a kind of sweet and comfortable sense, such ability lets the time that sleeps in the evening, more high grade a few. In fact the home installs is a very difficult process, especially the determination of the style, let a person headache unceasingly! big canvas art To […]

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  • 10 Ideas From the Most widely used Home Workspaces

    Drift the desk. So many home big canvas art pictures on Houzz have a desk in the middle of the room, floating on an area rug. This requests perplexed Houzzers to inquire about pesky cords causing stumbling hazards in the room. With this home office, the placement of the desk is in the center of […]

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  • Decorating With Big Old maps Art On Canvas

    A World View: Decorating With Roadmaps Looking for and easy and inexpensive way to adorn your walls? Think about maps. Many people a topographical map from USGS, a nautical chart, a selection of National Parks roadmaps, a subway map, a map of the entire world or an historic chart, they are fascinating to study. From […]

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